On holiday with your pet: dog friendly Rome near Arco di Travertino 

Of course you can go on holiday with your dog! All you have to do is book a dog-friendly apartment like Casa Fratocchi, strategically located near parks and dog parks for you and your canine friend, where they can run free in the Agro Romano of the Caffarella and the Parco degli Acquedotti. You’ll also be near places to shop for your pet, and if you happen to be hungry, you can find roman restaurants in which dogs are allowed!

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Roman holiday with your dog: is it possible? 

When the time comes to start organising your holiday, the annual pet issue arises. Where to leave them? What if you don’t want to leave them at home in the first place? Will there be places where dogs are allowed in Rome? Bringing your dog with you is a legitimate act of love, and today it is easier than in the past. The capital offers the chance of a dog-friendly holiday in Rome and allows dogs in many places: as well as, of course, holiday homes (like Casa Fratocchi near Arco di Travertino) and parks, there are also many museums, restaurants, and public spaces that are happy to welcome dogs and their owners. 

Shopping in Rome… for dogs! 

First of all, don’t worry if you’ve left their favourite treats at home, because near Arco di Travertino there are a number of pet stores: La Bottega degli Animali, Animal’s Park, Funny Dog, Dog Store, L’Isola dei Tesori and many other shops are scattered around the Tuscolano neighbourhood to satisfy your puppy’s every need. So, if you’ve just bought a fun new Frisbee and would like to try it out, nothing is better than diving into nature and guess what? The Caffarella park is just a short walk away!

Rome: dog parks in the Caffarella Park

The Caffarella park is an oasis of green where you’ll have a chance to relax and get away from the chaos and noise of the city. Inside the park dogs can run free and play in specific fenced in areas dedicated to them, with benches for the owners. That’s not all: there are parts of the park where you can let dogs loose, provided they behave well and don’t bother other visitors. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle for your dogs to drink after running after a Frisbee all day, as dogs are not allowed to drink or bathe at the many water fountains throughout the park. 

Rome: dog parks in Parco degli Acquedotti 

Other dog friendly spaces in Rome can be found in Parco degli Acquedotti, one on Via Viviani, the other on Via Lemonia. You’re still very close to Arco di Travertino, slightly further south down Via Appia Nuova. Parco degli Acquedotti represents the centre of the Appio Claudio neighbourhood, and it’s still part of the Appia Antica. A perfect example of Agro Romano, this park contains the remains of 6 aqueducts, originally 11, built to ensure water supply to the whole capital. Today it’s a green area in Rome which is public and pet friendly, where you can take a walk and watch the sun sink into the ruins of the Tor Fiscale aqueduct. Your four-legged friends will love resting in the shade near the Fosso di Acqua Mariana, built by Pope Callisto II at the beginning of the XII century, to provide water to mills and vegetable gardens that belonged to the Basilica di S. Giovanni in Laterano. 

A dog-friendly restaurant near Arco di Travertino 

Many roman restaurants, cafes, wine bars and diners welcome pets and owners. But don’t be tempted! Even if your dog stares at you with large, imploring eyes, remember that that succulent chop on the plate in front of you isn’t good for your friend. The restaurant La Caletta (Via Eurialo 92) makes one of the best Neapolitan pizzas in Rome, and also serves good quality fish dishes. Dogs? They love them! And it’s really close to the Caffarella and Arco di Travertino. 

Why not share a good holiday in Italy with your lifelong friend? For more information on dog friendly spaces, look at the Dogwelcome map where you’ll find a ton of useful info. 

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