Rome: where to eat on a 50 euro budget at a restaurant with a view

Dinner on some of Rome’s most beautiful rooftops in the Monti neighbourhood

If you’re staying in the Monti neighbourhood, you are right next some of Rome’s most spectacular panoramic restaurants. Before thinking that a 50 euro dinner is too expensive, check out one of these restaurants with a view and admire Rome from above: you will surely change your mind.

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Having dinner in the moonlight or being able to look at the eternal city through a window isn’t only for the rich. Rome has roof gardens even for those who are visiting on a budget but want to admire the city from above.
The cost of a meal in these restaurants is under 50 euro for an unforgettable panorama in the centre of Rome, in the Monti neighbourhood.

La Terrazza dei Papi (The Pope’s Terrace)

Walking from San Giovanni in Monte at sunset you’ll get to La Terrazza dei Papi. Keeping in mind how central this romantic restaurant is, the prices are quite reasonable for a delicious meal under the stars, where you’ll experience the best of the mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is situated on top of the Mecenate Palace Hotel in Via Carlo Alberto 3.
If you don’t want dinner, you can enjoy the view from the cocktail bar.

La Griffe Restaurant, in Via Nazionale 13

For just under 50 euros a person you can dine at the roman panoramic restaurant of Hotel La Griffe, in the heart of the Monti neighbourhood and the ancient city. The menu is a true celebration of the mediterranean flavours, with a few exotic touches, and all of this 150 feet up. The dessert menu is noteworthy: you’ll find the Frulloso, an innovative citrus mousse with rosemary. How wonderful would it be to admire the Colosseum while enjoying a spoonful of Frulloso?

Ambrosia Rooftop Restaurant and Bar, via Nazionale 22

The charming view in this area of the city certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, in fact, even the Ambrosia can be found in the centre, not far from La Griffe and around the Monti neighbourhood. On the seventh floor of the Hotel Artemide this restaurant’s top priorities are quality and tradition. The chef Massimo Gonnella and his crew work with purely Italian products and often taking a traditional Italian dish and giving it modern touch. After the roman panzanella, the chef’s speciality, followed by a delicious swordfish cooked with rosemary, aubergine pesto and tomato concassé, you can’t miss out on this roman panoramic restaurant’s dessert menu. The tiramisù in particular is heavenly.

Zuma – Japan Food

Contemporary Japanese Cuisine is what the sign outside the entrance says in Largo Fontanella Borghese 48. Even though you’re in Italy and you probably want to eat Italian food, by going to this rooftop restaurant you’ll be paying tribute to another other pride and joy of this fine country: Fashion. In 2016 this restaurant was opened on the terrace of Palazzo Fendi, and reservations here are obligatory if you want to climb up to the fourth floor of this wonderful building. Open kitchen, antique tables and chairs with a tinge of the Orient make the atmosphere warm and colourful in a carefully decorated space. From the terrace of this panoramic restaurant in Rome you’ll be able to see the two most famous domes of the capital: Chiesa dei Santi Ambrogio e Carlo al Corso, flanked by the contemporary dome of Fuksas. Although the classic menù exceeds the 50 euro budget, if you’re careful you can spend less and fill your stomach as the portions are far from minimalistic.

If you don’t know what to choose, book the holiday home San Martino View at Monti, amongst the best rooftop restaurants in Rome, where you can eat on less than 50 euros.


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