Vegan Restaurants in Rome: where to eat vegan friendly near Arco di Travertino 

Vegan bars, bistros and restaurants in Rome are far more numerous than you would expect. Don’t worry if you’re on holiday and you don’t know where to have cruelty free food, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are some vegan friendly suggestions near the metro stop Arco di Travertino.

Vegans in Rome: do they have a place in the capital? 

Being vegan when on holiday can sometimes be complicated, especially with food from different cultures, not to mention a culinary culture like the Italian one. It’s famous all over the world, but the cuisine is certainly far from vegetarian. In truth the mediterranean diet offers a great variety of foods, to the point where saying goodbye to meat and animal products is an easy transition. And many in Rome have decided to transform their diet into an ethical and cruelty-free choice. But where did the vegan choice originate from? In Rome you can find lots of vegan friendly restaurants, bars and bistros!

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The vegan trend in Italy

Over the last few years veganism has had a boom. Up to a few years ago you’d hear the word “vegan” spoken by grandmas as if it where an alien species or the member of a cult. Now even the cynics pick products with the green ‘V’ from supermarket shelves and buy vast quantities of seeds and seitan. Some call it a trend and perhaps not all vegans have made an educated choice. But it’s also true that many studies suggest that veganism is the only way to prevent the world from running out of it’s resources and to have sufficient food for everyone. 

Veganism: a choice for the informed 

Veganism is the most ethical choice in terms of sustainability. Any ingredient or product that derives from animals is out of bounds and it’s hard to imagine just how much animals are exploited to service humans. I’m not just talking about the bacon used in an ‘amatriciana’, but a huge amount of products, from leather boots to the red colourant of a well known Italian bitter aperitif. It’s not easy to maintain a vegan lifestyle in an ethically infallible way, or even have a nutritious and healthy diet. A certain culinary knowledge is necessary, to combine seeds, dry fruit, seaweed, soia and everything the vegetable world has to offer in a sensible way, including knowing how to integrate, for example, vitamin B12, which comes exclusively from animals. 

Vegan-friendly in Rome: cruelty free restaurants near Arco di Travertino 

For vegans and vegetarians in Rome, don’t panic! You’ll have a vast array of possible choices, and all of them will be both delicious and cruelty free. Let’s see where to find a scrumptious meal for vegans and vegetarians in the Tuscolano neighbourhood and surroundings. 

  • Dharma’s Cake – Vegan Bistrot, Via Cesare Baronio 179. “Here animals are our clients, not our ingredients” are the words you’ll see written on their website. It’s a bakery and bistrot dedicated to “culinary minorities”. They have not only vegan cakes, biscuits and sweets, but also products for people who have allergies. Take a look at the photo gallery on their website: do you still think that vegan sweets are ugly and have no taste? Parents are very welcome, as there’s a great space for children and there are events dedicated to sustainable parenting. Dharma’s Cake also organises brunches, lunches, aperitifs and you can book the space for parties.
  • Veggy Garden Bistrot, Via Tuscolana 924 – Near the Torre Fiscale park there’s a vegan and vegetarian restaurant with a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps and dishes, that exclusively uses seasonal produce. Maybe it’s not the right time of year for a veg goulash with seitan, mushrooms and potatoes, but the nice staff and the homely atmosphere will never lack delicious meals or snacks, such as their deep fried vegetables. Open from breakfast to dinner.
  • La confraternita dell’uva, Via A. Dulceri 56 – At the Sicilian trattoria ‘La confraternita dell’uva’ Thursday night is vegan night. Every week this casual and laid back space offers guacamole bruschette, ‘panelle alla palermitana’, ‘riso venere’ with peppers and asparagus, and a pineapple dessert with coconut salsa as a finishing touch. It’s a delicious and cruelty free interpretation of a typical Sicilian meal.
  • So What?!? Vegan Restaurant, Via Ettore Giovenale 56 – Seasonal, organic ingredients, many of which come from their own personal vegetable farm just outside the city, where the air is clean. But this restaurant does homage to the heart of the Italian culinary tradition with a touch of middle-eastern cuisine. So What?!? is a vegan restaurant where beautifully presented dishes satisfy both the eye and the palate, with a colourful arrangement of tastes thanks to the enthusiasm and experience of the two owners, Paolo and Alessandra, founders of the renowned “We love food, hardcore punk music and b-movies”: that’s the spirit of who’s in the kitchen of So What?!?

To get to know everything that Rome has to offer vegans, check out the Vegan Quo Vadis?, an interactive map with information about interesting places or events that might be useful to whoever has chosen veganism. 

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