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Where to eat in or near Termini Station? The Central Market of Rome

Where to eat in or near Termini Station? The Central Market of Rome

At Termini Station the best place to eat is the Central Market of Rome.

Why? For the variety of the food, the quality of the ingredients and the ability of the chefs. It’s a stone’s throw away from the Monti neighbourhood, so if you don’t know where to eat at the train station, this is the answer.

Where to eat at Termini Station?

Where to eat at the train station? Whoever regularly travels by train must always ask this fundamental question, and usually walks around hoping to find somewhere decent to eat. In Rome that simply doesn’t happen, because there’s only one answer: “Where to eat in Termini Station?” “Termini Station.”, less than 10 minutes away from the Monti neighbourhood.

At the Central Market of Termini Station you can eat anything

The Central Market of Rome surely has whatever you’re looking for. You can find any kind of food: from pizza to a fish dinner, from Sicilian sweets to vegan take-away. But the best thing about eating at the Central Market are the extremely high-quality products. Just have a chat with whoever is behind the counter: they will tell you the story behind their choice of food, and will take you on a journey of discovery of the products and ingredients they have used.

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Eating at Termini Station: the space and the design of the Central Market

Let’s be real: once you’ve seen the Central Market, watched true chefs and experts at work, and tasted their delicacies, you won’t need to take the train to justify visiting the space that used to be a railway platform. From an architectural point of view, the building is very pleasant and well-kept. The Market stands beneath a marble arch built in the ‘30s by Angelo Mazzoni (another name for it is Cappa Mazzoniana). It’s almost as if the original designer could foresee what it was going to be used for in the future. The materials with which the space, the rest area and the shops are built to comply with the original colours of the design, with a red thread that ties into the main key ideas for the project: authenticity, simplicity, quality and craftsmanship.

Eating at the Central Market of Rome: the simplicity and quality of the ingredients

Of course, the most important important thing of all in this world of culinary excellence isn’t just the contribution of the chefs, but, imperatively, the ingredients must be top shelf. It’s something to be expected by the world-famous Italian cuisine. Of course you’ll also find sushi and ramen, products made by Orient Express, but even the caviar on the nigiri you’re about to eat is Piedmontese trout.

The shops of the Central Market: what would you like to eat?

Let’s take a look at the variety of foods you can find at the Central Market, and why it’s the best place to eat at Termini Station.

– Salvatore De Gennaro runs one of the shops on the ground floor, where you’ll find refined gastronomy, including the wines, which you will be able to take home as souvenirs that will certainly not end up in a dusty corner, forgotten.

– The shops on the ground floor offer different kinds of pizza (even the Trapizzino, that is internationally adored), bread and pasta.

– Don’t worry if you’re vegan or vegetarian: at the Mercato Centrale you’ll find a selection of salads and gazpacho burgers!

– For meat lovers, there’s Tenuta la Fratta which offers everything, including hamburgers, and even a butcher’s with a selection of Italian cold cuts.

– You won’t miss roman mushrooms and artichokes, and even a shop dedicated to truffles and another for cheese.

– For fried food you’ll find any kind of variety of dishes, from the great classics to amazing innovations like fried pastasciutta and risotto.

– The restaurant on the first floor is a more meditated and relaxing choice, where the chef Oliver Glowig and Salvatore De Gennaro offer either quick meals for a lunch break or more complete dinners, with the best selection of wines.

Probably your holiday in Rome, especially if you’re staying in the Monti neighbourhood, won’t be long enough for you to try all of these different delicacies. Do you still have any doubts about going to the Central Market at Termini Station?

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