Where to eat supertasty pizza in the Tuscolano neighbourhood, Rome

Are you asking yourself where you could go to eat pizza in the Tuscolano area? Here are some of the best pizzerias in Rome near Arco di Travertino. Each one interprets this world famous dish in their own creative and original way, never steering away from tradition, experience and high quality ingredients.

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Pizza in the Tuscolano neighbourhood: an unforgettable selection of the best pizzerias near Arco di Travertino 

Pizza is a timeless classic, and the Italians are very aware of being home to the most famous dish on the planet. The consequences? That a lot of people believe themselves to be pizza chefs, without always getting excellent results. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! If you’re near Arco di Travertino, here are the best pizzerias in the Tuscolano neighbourhood. What do these places have in common? Not only the quality of their products, the experience, and an excellent choice of ingredients, but also a lot of creativity and originality that makes their dishes stand out. 

Eating pizza in the Tuscolano neighbourhood: Sbanco, via Siria 1, Via Statilio Ottato 10 

Do you know some of the really traditional roman dishes like carbonara or cacio e pepe? And pizza? Here at Sbanco someone decided to put them together and shock food critics around the world. That’s right, Stefano Callegari’s restaurants have taken over Japan and the United States. The trapizzino, another one of this genius’s inventions that consists of small bread cones filled with all kinds of sauces: pollo alla cacciatora, peas and cuttlefish, anchovies and burrata and many more. One of their specialities is surely the cacio e pepe pizza, with its sticky dough kept in 70% humidity, cooked in the oven with ice (yes, ice), creating a nest between the crispy crust and the pecorino romano sprinkled on top. The selection of beers is also impressive thanks to the craft beers of the Birrificio del Ducato. 

Eating pizza in the Tuscolano neighbourhood: Moma Roman Pizzeria in Via Calpurnio Fiamma 40 

Moma, with its traditional roman pizzas, represents the spirit of the people in the Tuscolano neighbourhood. Here you’ll find excellent pizzas of roman tradition, like the renowned “scrocchiarella” (a very crunchy plain pizza). They have an incredible selection of prime quality ingredients: mozzarella di bufala campana DOP, prosciutto di Parma DOP, extravirgin oil, and fresh, in season vegetables. The pizza is crunchy thanks to the high temperature in which the dough is cooked, after letting it rise for 72 hours. Their dishes are excellent: an honourable mention has to be the cod, potato and cheese pie with chickpea purée, and all of their desserts are delicious. If you’re staying in the Tuscolano neighbourhood, this is one of the best pizzerias in Rome. 

Eating pizza in the Tuscolano neighbourhood: Fermentum, Via Lemonia 214 

Inside the Parco degli Acquedotti, this is a great place to end your walk with a nice pizza. In this wooden shack you’ll find a selection of exceptional pizzas to suit every budget. Here you’ll find pizzas at great prices (6 euro margherita) as well as more creative and luxury dishes, like the gourmet pizzas for 14 euros, like Occelli al Barolo and a typical tuscan dish. The rising time is 72 hours, with bio ingredients and stone-ground flour. For anyone who really wants to exaggerate, their selection of fried dishes is mouth-watering. 

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