A wine and food tour around the Castelli Romani

A great idea for a trip outside the gates of Rome for wine tasting

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With the metro line A that passes through Arco di Travertino and arrives at Anagnina, you can get to the Castelli Romani. The Castelli Romani sit within the protected area of the Regional Park of the same name. It’s a real jewel of nature, culture, tradition and local gastronomy.

It’s the centre of culinary and wine tradition near the capital that holds the DOC certification (Denomination of controlled origin).

If you’re looking for ideas for a trip outside the gates of Rome, the Castelli Romani and its wines are exactly what you need. Just like true romans during weekends and festivities!

A wine and food tour around the Castelli Romani: the area

We could talk all about the naturalistic aspects of the Castelli Romani, the microclimates, the variety of plants, the lakes and the animals. But if you want to hear about wine, we must mention the myriad of vineyards that can be found in the area. In fact, thanks to the varied weather conditions and geological factors all over the peninsula, Italy is able to offer a wide range of different types of wine. The Castelli Romani, with the right exposure to the sun, sufficient rain and volcanic soil (rich with potassium), is the perfect area for growing grapevines, and many of its wines have sweet and unique tastes.

For this reason the Strada dei Vini dei Castelli Romani (Road of Wines) was created, to give you the unmissable experience of a wine tour outside the gates of Rome, surrounded by nature, with some of the most famous wines in Lazio.

The wines of the Castelli Romani

The 9 main types of wine of the Castelli Romani cover 80% of the production of wine in this region. It’s not surprising that such a small area should have such a variety. It’s the perfect place for a wine-tasting tour outside the city. Colli Lanuvini, Vino Colli Albani, Castelli Romani, Cannellino, Velletri, Vino Marino, Vino Frascati, Frascati Superiore, Vino Monte Compatri-Colonna are all certified wines (DOP and DOCG) made with a huge range of different techniques, from sparkling wines to late harvests, from superior to straw wine, and so on and so forth.

How to get to the Castelli Romani for a tour outside the city

Surrounded by greenery, the small hamlets of the Castelli Romani have centuries of history to tell and it is worth visiting each one of them. It’s possible to do so in a single day. We recommend you go on an organised tour, some of which even start off in the centre of Rome. The tour guides will take you around the different cellars for some amazing wine tasting accompanied by a delicious bruschetta with oil.

If you want to get there by yourself during your trip outside the gates of Rome, a few metro stops from Arco di Travertino you’ll find the Anagnina station. From there a Cotral bus will stop in any of the towns of the Castelli Romani. An alternative would be the train to Albano Laziale, Velletri, Frascati, Castel Gandolfo, Ciampino and Colonna.

If you want to go on a wine and food tour at the Castelli Romani from Arco di Travertino,
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